• Packaging is a critical element in any pharmaceutical product. The packaging of products has to take into account multiple variables, from transit to weather and time. At  Splendid Pharmaceutical, our approach to quality covers every aspect of packaging, ensuring that our products maintain their safety, reliability, stability, and integrity long after they have left our production line. Our use of packaging materials and application of processes conform to all relevant international standards with regard to a host of critical parameters, such as

Splendid Pharmaceutical

  • Medical grade, non-toxic materials
  • Compliance with all regulatory norms.
  • Excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties
  • Consistency in High Quality
  • Printed shipper available on request
  • Our in-house design team ensures that every pack that we create bears the hallmarks of contemporary, classy styling. We take care of the twin aspects of aesthetics and clarity that are vital to pharma packaging. We also pay significant attention to storage requirements, with separate reserved areas for various packaging materials such as aluminium and PVC foil, and ensure that they are stored at optimum temperatures.