Working At Splendid

A fervent team is a barometer for a company’s success. We boast of the committed and accountable team we have at Getwell. We have a three-level model, Training, Team and Culture, which has helped raise a performing team.


As one has to whittle down extra stones to carve a beautiful structure out of a stone, we believe in the same philosophy. In our organisation, there is continuous effort to recognise excellence in performance through various training programmes across the company. Prompt and instant recognition is given to employees for exceptional performance through various recognition schemes.


It is excruciatingly important for us, as a fast growing organisation, to address challenges which are a part and parcel of our life here at Splendid. We believe opportunities give rise to various possibilities.Hence, our team members are recruited, rewarded and given opportunities in the organisation.


We have always made sure that we are a celebrated performance-oriented organisation. We take pride in the fact that our employees are given responsibility early in their careers. Our culture encourages individuals to take risks, by pioneering and enterprising in their respective domains. This is achieved by giving them freedom and letting them discover their true potential at work.